Who We Are

Founded by Hugh Drennan, in 1971, our company, Hugh Drennan & Sons, embodies the spirit of family and tradition in every piece of furniture we create. From humble beginnings, the business flourished under the dedicated hands of Hugh, later joined by his sons, Martin and Glenn, evolving into a beacon of excellence in the design and crafting of luxury kitchens and bespoke furniture across the UK and Ireland.

Rooted in a family-run ethos, we cherish the intimate process of bringing each client’s vision to life, with every kitchen and piece of furniture meticulously handcrafted to order within our workshops. Our team, a family in its own right, comprises seasoned cabinet makers who pour their extensive skills and passion into creating pieces not just of furniture, but of legacy, imbued with quality to endure generations.

This commitment to excellence, detail, and the personal touch is what sets us apart. At Hugh Drennan & Sons, we don’t just build furniture; we craft lasting relationships and create spaces that are as meaningful as they are magnificent.

It’s this unparalleled focus, care, and attention to detail that renders our work not only distinctive but deeply desired.

Bespoke kitchens and furniture, handmade in our workshops.

Start your transformation today.

Craftsmanship Behind Every Corner

Our Workshop, Team, and Process.

Explore the heart of craftsmanship with Hugh Drennan & Sons, where every design journey from concept to installation embodies our dedication to excellence. Our workshops, a blend of tradition and innovation, are the crucibles where bespoke kitchens and furniture are meticulously handcrafted.

Kitchen Design

Furniture designed and handcrafted by Hugh Drennan & Sons.

Bespoke Furniture

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